GM’s Potential Rivian Tie-up Spawns Camaro-ized Pick Up Renderings of Varying Quality

The news was awash recently in reports that GM and Amazon were palling around, planning to invest several hundred million dollars in (potential) Detroit-based EV pickup-maker Rivian.

We now know that Amazon’s portion of the investment was real (the company is leading a total investment of $700 million in Rivian). GM, though, doesn’t appear to be involved in today’s announcement.

According to sources who spoke to Reuters, GM is looking to make its own investment in the company. Other, meanwhile, suspect that the talk of investments is mostly a way to get closer to Amazon.

Whatever the case, the investment talk led to internet conversation about what a tie-up between GM and Rivian would look like. So the internet engaged in GM’s favorite hobby of sticking the Camaro’s nose on things that are not the Camaro.

The challenge was launched by GMI contributor Sami Haj-Assaad and quickly generated designs that were at times hideous and at others something curiously less than hideous.

While Chevy’s front-end design team has not been particularly confident lately, changing its mind more than a cat asking to be let outside, not all of these are horrible.

None quite has the Rivian’s distinctiveness, but maybe we’ve finally found a Camaro-nosed non-Camaro that doesn’t look confused and scared.

[lead image by our very own Evan Williams]