GM’s NASCAR, Indy, NHRA, and IMSA Efforts Get New Boss

General Motors’ internal racing program will be taken over by Mark Stielow. The former head, Mark Kent, will move to GM Defense. 

Stielow will be responsible for GM’s IMSA, IndyCar, NASCAR, and NHRA racing programs as the company sets to open a new racing and technical development center. The Concord, North Carolina tech center is being set up to optimize the transfer of technology between GM’s race cars and its road cars.

Stielow has been with GM for years. An engineer, he was the project manager for the 2015 Camaro Z28. In an interview with Hot Rod magazine, Stielow revealed that the first thing he did for the company was building Camaros and Firebirds.

“My first GM summer internship was building the first eight 1LE Camaros and Firebirds. We had to build those cars to homologate the race cars that were already running,” Stielow told the magazine. “I met a lot of great people; that’s how I ended up eventually working for Herb Fishel and GM Racing. Actually, my first job at GM was Caprice underhood thermal management, and then I went to cop-car brakes, but my passions were always to get back into racing, so I was always kind of bugging Herb Fishel, in a polite kind of way. I was only in Caprice development for six months, and then I went to racing.”

Stielow’s official job title will be new. As the “Director, Motorsports Competition Engineering,” he will be in charge of  the technical direction for the above-mentioned sports, and “will have a direct link to General Motors’ vehicle integration organization.”

Kent, meanwhile, is being tasked with getting operations running at GM Defense. The department is hoping to develop infantry vehicles. The contract could be worth more than $200 million.

[via: GM Authority]