GM is Working on Sustainable Natural Rubber Tires

The American automaker has made an industry-first commitment to sourcing sustainable natural rubber in its tires.

General Motors is hoping the move will help drive the industry toward net-zero deforestation while upholding human and labor rights. The company believes sourcing tires produced using sustainable natural rubber has a number of community, business and environmental benefits including preserving and restoring primary forests along with high carbon stock areas that are critical to addressing climate change and protecting wildlife.

In addition, by using sustainable natural rubber tires, GM hopes it will also improve yield and quality for natural rubber farmers, supporting the small businesses that contribute 85 percent of the material. Lastly, the commitment will help mitigate business risk related to supply chain sourcing and performance, while helping assure long-term availability of a key commodity.

The automaker will be working with tire suppliers, governments, rubber industry associations and environmental NGOs to drive alignment and reduce supply chain complexity in its move to sourcing sustainable natural rubber for its tires. It is also working with major tire manufacturers including Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear and Michelin to develop appropriate transparency into natural rubber so that it can ensure its traceability throughout the supply chain.