GM Will Keep Making the Old Silverado and Sierra, Deals to be Had

The 2019 GMC Sierra Denali is starting to trickle into dealers. And while it’s the priciest version of the all-new pickup, it’s also the first one of the new series to arrive at dealerships. The Chevrolet Silverado is starting to appear as well, with a little more of a range of trims, but it’s still rare on the ground. Which could be very good news if you want one of the old model trucks.

While General Motors is rolling out the new, they’re keeping the old. It’s a common thing to help make sure that production of the new truck is up and running smoothly before turning off the taps of the old. A week of missed Cruze production isn’t the end of the world, but missing a few weeks of truck production is a big hit to the bottom line. It’s one GM’s done before, building the Silverado Classic in 2007 to put old alongside new. Ford’s done the same as well, with the 2004 switchover.

So GM has told dealers that it will be building the 2018 trucks for longer. We knew that already, but now we know they’ll do it through to the end of the year. That includes the 2019 Sierra Limited, which is the old body style.

The trucks are built in Oshawa, Ontario, using partially built trucks from the Fort Wayne, Indiana plant. This isn’t the first time GM’s used the “Oshawa Shuttle,” where a similar plan with the flexible Ontario plant was also used to build more Equinox models in 2010.

This is where buyers looking for a deal can hit the truck jackpot. The new truck is starting to arrive at dealers and sit beside the old one. That makes the old one a little less appealing, especially for luxury buyers. Enter the deal.

GM is offering up to $9,250 in rebates on the 2018 Silverado double-cab four-wheel drive, according to one Detroit-area dealer. That dealer is offering a $126/month lease payment on a 24-month lease. GMC buyers can see similar deals on the old truck. Expect that to continue until the switchover is complete.

[source: Detroit Free Press]