GM Wants Some Plants Running at Full Capacity by the June 15

A top General Motors executive this week said that the company hopes to return to pre-COVID production levels by June 15, according to the Detroit Free Press.

“Not every facility will ramp up as fast as possible,” said Philip Kienle, VP of North American manufacturing. “Ideally, in a perfect world, by around June 15, all of our facilities would be operating at their original capacity. But again, I just give the caveat: market demand. We’re not going to override market demand.”

GM closed its plants in mid-March and although sales of most vehicles have suffered, pickup truck sales have continued to rise. With sales of trucks continuing and no production, some will eventually have to be built.

The UAW haa worked with GM to find safety protocols to keep workers safe as it restarts production on May 18.

The president of Mexico has indicated a desire to make the auto sector essential. That comes despite rising numbers of COVID-19 cases. Although cases have been trending down in the US, there have been several thousand more reported cases today than yesterday.