GM Tows Ahead of Ford in Pickup Sales Share

Ford might have the top-selling truck in America, but General Motors pickup sales have topped Ford’s overall. That gives GM the lead in truck market share.

In the first half of 2018, Ford has sold just over 451,000 pickup trucks, up nearly 5 percent from last year. GM has sold 478,672, once you add them all up. That includes the Chevrolet Silverado and Colorado, and the GMC Sierra and Canyon. Those numbers put GM up 51,400 trucks from the same time in 2017. That’s a 12 percent climb. Ford and GM sales combined make up 67 percent of the total pickup market.

Leading that charge was the Chevrolet Colorado, which saw sales up 39 percent. While the Silverado saw a jump of close to 11 percent, the Sierra was up by just under two percent.

Across town, Ram sales were down 6.75 percent from the first half of last year, and sit at about half of GM’s sales figures.

Ford is expected to launch a new Ranger pickup next year, which could bridge the sales gap, but by then the all-new Silverado and Sierra should have production running at 100 percent.