GM to Discontinue OnStar’s Hands Free Calling Function for MY20

Your GM vehicle will no longer be able to make a phone call without any cellphones as of MY20. That’s because GM is discontinuing OnStar’s telephony offerings.

The news, first reported by GM Authority, is unlikely to affect the majority of customers thanks to Bluetooth, which allows most cars on the road to connect to an occupant’s cellphone.

When the system was introduced in the late ‘90s, though, it was a novel feature that may have prepared us for the hands-free revolution that was to come.

With that revolution having roundly succeeded, though, the need for GM to continue offering the service is fading away, according to GM’s OnStar representative, Stephanie Lang.

“We routinely evaluate our services to provide the best experience for our members,” Lang told GM Authority. “In this spirit, we have decided to discontinue HFC for MY20 and newer vehicles. Members can use Bluetooth pairing, or Apple CarPlay and Android Auto projection, to make phone calls while keeping their hands on the wheel.”