GM Cutting Back on Free Maintenance Trips for 2019

If you were expecting a handful of free maintenance visits with your new GM vehicle, then you might be a little disappointed this year. It looks like they’ll be cutting those visits to just one.

Cadillac was offering the first three visits free with purchase, with GMC and Chevy offering up a pair. Now, Car and Driver reports, that’ll be cut back to just one for GMC and Cadillac for the 2019 model year with Chevy yet to update their site but unlikely to offer more than the premium brands.

C/D said that Cadillac explained the move was to align with other luxury brands like Audi. Who also offers just one free service with purchase. But it doesn’t quite mesh with brands like Jaguar and BMW who offer up five and three years each of free scheduled maintenance with your new vehicle. GM’s free visit includes an oil change, tire rotation, and the typical multipoint inspection.

Warranty plans aren’t set to change though, with Cadillac and Buick offering up a little more time and distance coverage than GMC and Chevrolet. Dealers will still offer up prepaid maintenance plans if buyers want an all-in price at purchase.

[source: Car and Driver]