Get This Le Mans Racing Cadillac Northstar LMP Car in Your Driveway

While we’re all used to seeing classic race cars on tracks these days (thanks to Laguna Seca, Goodwood, and others) seeing the height of race engineering just sitting there in someone’s driveway pretending to be normal is still a rare treat. But it’s one that you could partake of.

That’s because this Cadillac Northstar LMP car is now for sale at Race Car Direct. Raced at Le Mans at the turn of the millennium, this car raced in series’ top class. You could be forgiven for not remembering it, though, because its race credits are less than stellar. Of the seven cars built, none won any races or placed particularly well at Le Mans, though chassis 002 did earn a second-place in Miami in 2002. It wasn’t long after that, though, that GM shut the program down and focused its efforts on the Corvettes.

Still, the car raced during one of Le Mans’ great periods. It battled against the likes of the legendary Audi R8, the Bentley EXP Speed 8, and Chrysler’s own LMP car. And that should get you some invitations to some very special track days.

Despite that, this isn’t exactly how it raced while at Le Mans. The car is currently fitted with an Indy-spec non-turbo Oldsmobile Aurora engine, though the period-correct twin-turbo Northstar engine is being sold with the car.

Unfortunately, the price is only available upon request, so you’ll likely need very deep pockets to buy it, run it, and race it, but just think of how cool it would be sitting in your driveway instead of this one.

via GMAuthority