Get 1,000 HP and a Some Stripes with the Yenko Package Corvette

Twenty-five lucky owners (but only that many) with deep pockets will be able to get their hands on a special stroked and supercharged Corvette from Specialty Vehicle Engineering.

The 2019 YENKO/SC Stage II 1,000 HP Corvette is based on the Corvette Grand Sport, but with the addition of an extra 540 hp. 

Those gains are achieved through a pretty thorough reworking of the Corvette’s 6.2-liter LT-1 engine. With a forged crankshaft and H-beam rods, forged aluminum pistons, CNC ported LT4 heads, an upgraded fuel system, a higher flow exhaust system, and a high-output supercharger all combining to give you more power, the Yenko is bound to get you where you’re going in a hurry.

Specialty Vehicle Engineering claims that there “is no substitute for cubic inches or supercharging,” in bold ignorance of the more common and indeed more quotable expression “no replacement for displacement.”

On top of the upgrades under the hood, you also get a special decal package that includes a handsome hood and roof stripe, as well as a belt-line stripe that features the YENKO name. Additionally, you get YENKO badging inside the car, as well a 1000HP badge to let everyone know that you don’t have a pitiful three digits of power.

The company doesn’t mention any upgrades to the suspension or chassis, though a clutch is added to manual cars. That might be a little alarming since the Z06 (with which the Grand Sport shares chassis upgrades) has been accused of being a bit tail happy even though it only makes 650 hp (“only,” in this case, being a relative term).

Still, the power should be good enough to shut up your nearest Hellcat or Demon owner, and since the Corvette isn’t on a 20-year-old luxury sedan chassis from a different automaker, it’s not like it’s the most hazardous thing on the road.

If you’re a little skittish about the power, you can opt instead for the 835 hp package, which largely the same, but with less boost.

Purchasable through a dealer, the package adds an extra $68,995 to the Grand Sport (or an extra $77,995 for the automatic). And since you’re picking it up at the dealership, you can even get a 36,000 mile drivetrain warranty.