Genovation GXE (the Electric C7) Hits 210 mph, Sets New Record

Genovation Cars, the company that is building electric C7 Corvettes, has just announced what it calls a new speed record for a street-legal EV.

The company’s GXE is a C7 Chevrolet Corvette platform that’s had the LS swapped out and in its place is fitted 800 hp worth of electric motor. That motor is still connected to a seven-speed manual should you want an electric that still needs to you to exercise both feet or an eight-speed conventional automatic.

Using the proving grounds at the Kennedy Space Center, the GXE was able to hit 210 mph flat-out. A speed that was verified as a world record by the International Mile Racing Association. Does this mean they need to try a ‘Ring time now?

“During testing, we broke our speed record that was set in 2016. This a testament to Genovation’s continuous improvement philosophy that guides everything we do to enhance the capabilities of the GXE,” said Andrew Saul, CEO of Genovation Cars

In regards to that road-legal caveat on the record, Genovation says it will be building a run of 75 cars to start. Deliveries are set to begin early next year. The GXE gets carbon-ceramic brakes, a 10-speaker JBL audio system, and a special 10.4-inch center console touchscreen housed in what Genovation calls a bespoke interior. If you’re more worried about range, the GXE can do 175 miles on a full charge.