EVs Last Chance for Cadillac Success: Reuss

At the XT6 reveal on Sunday, Cadillac let the world know that it would be taking the lead when it comes to electric cars from General Motors. The company said it wanted to make Cadillac Cadillac again, and that was a big part of the target. GM President Mark Reuss told Reuters just how important that is.

“We don’t have any chances left with taking Cadillac to a really new place,” Reuss told Reuters on the sidelines of the Detroit auto show. “This is pretty much it.”

“So we really have to hit the ball here,” he added. “It’s my job to make sure we do.”

He didn’t say what would happen to Cadillac if it didn’t work, but it’s a brand that’s long been looked at as being on the fence. Not always competitive, and not always selling well. They’ve also made some very big moves, then undone them. Like taking the office to New York, then back to Detroit. And being caught sedan heavy when the market moved to SUVs.

The first all-EV from Cadillac is expected in 2022. Right after the new vehicle every six months plan ends. GM is planning at least 20 new models in the US and China based on that architecture and new modular battery pack system.

As far as when to expect an all-electric Cadillac line? “All I’m focused on is what we’re doing right now…” Reuss said, “and getting momentum back in Cadillac.”

[source: Reuters]