The Detroit Auto Show Changes Dates Again, Moves to Fall 2021

The North American International Auto Show announced last year that for the first time in its long and proud history, it would not take place in the winter. The organizers instead said that they would take advantage of Detroit’s summer for the show. Now, it seems, they want to change that again and will host the show in late September.
“We have talked with many of our partners, particularly the OEMs, and they are fully on board and excited about the date change,” said Rod Alberts, NAIAS Executive Director.
Despite the big announcement and the no show this winter, the Detroit auto show will never actually have taken place in the summer as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, meanwhile, the show will take place from September 28 through October 9.
“Our responsibility as an auto show is to host a global stage for current products as well as mobility innovations of tomorrow,” said Alberts. “September is an excellent time of year for new products, and at the same time, alleviates the challenges a now crowded spring auto show calendar presents for auto show stakeholders.”
While it’s true that the spring season is already covered by the increasingly important New York Auto Show, and that the winter season’s Consumer Electronics Show was stealing attention away from NAIAS, it is less than accurate to portray the fall as devoid of auto shows. The ever-growing LA Auto Show takes place in November and is the traditional end to the Auto Show circuit. The Frankfurt/Paris auto show, one of Europe’s largest auto shows, also takes place in September.
The show’s new date, though, should mean nice weather. NAIAS organizers have said that much of the summertime events planned for the 2020 show will be able to go ahead in 2021.