Danica Patrick Takes Bill Burr for a Lap of Indy in a Camaro

Comedian Bill Burr has been making a go of it as a media mogul, starting the All Things Comedy YouTube channel, on which he occasionally speaks from the driver’s seat of a car, podcast-style. This time, though, Bill Burr’s Guide to Driving Etiquette takes a special trip out to Indianapolis Motor Speedway to celebrate the 500.

Ceding the driver’s seat to someone with much more experience of the track, Danica Patrick, Burr goes round the track in a Hot Wheels Camaro for an interview that he seems not to have done a whole lot of preparing for.

[watch out for some NSFW language early on]

Ahead of her last race ever, Patrick talks driving, strategizing, and even about her favorite movies, all while wheeling at a steady (for her) 120-or-so mph.

Race fans may be aware that Patrick’s last race didn’t go quite as well she’d hoped, but the race did end well for Chevy, whose cars finished first and second at last weekend’s Indy 500.