Chevy Releases First Official (Camouflaged) Pictures of “Next Generation Corvette”

For all the spy pictures, CAD drawings, and renderings we’ve seen of the GM’s upcoming mid-engine supercar, Chevrolet has never actually confirmed that the thing existed. Until tonight.

On its official social media platforms, Chevy released images of the camouflaged “next generation Corvette” offering people information through a site (that signs you up for a newsletter).


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Here’s the 411. See our story to find out more. #Corvette #Vette

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While the timing might suggest it will be fully revealed at next week’s New York Auto Show, the date on the side (and indeed the section dedicated to its release date on the associated website) indicate that the C8 will be revealed on July 18, 2019.

The date also highlights the number 8, which is likely a nod to it being the C8. And that’s not it for the numeric puns, Chevy appears to have chosen the date 04.11 to give us the 411 on the car.

Unfortunately, little else was revealed with the pictures. Recent reports, though, have suggested that the car will use a transmission derived from the unit used in the Porsche 918 and that the car was supposed to be unveiled in January, but couldn’t due to technical issues.

Reports have also suggested that the car might be a hybrid (not unlike the 918), though the reports also have it that a V8 engine will be in it somewhere making around 500 hp (though some said that a hybrid could make 1,000 hp).

Chevrolet announces the next generation Corvette will debut 07.18.19. A camouflaged next generation Corvette travels down 7th Avenue near Times Square Thursday, April 11, 2019 in New York, New York. (Photo by Todd Plitt for Chevrolet)