Chevy Plans to Sell the Silverado and Colorado to Chinese Consumers

More big news coming from Guangzhou. Chevrolet plans to make full and mid-size American trucks available to Chinese consumers through parallel import in 2017.

The Silverado will only pack its EcoTec 6.2-liter V8 and 8-speed gearbox for the trip across the Pacific. Standard content will include Active Noise Cancellation, Hill Descent Control, and Hill Start Assist; along with power adjustable captains chairs and Bose audio.

The Colorado will make the journey with its 3.6-liter EcoTec V6, leaving its 2,5-liter Duramax diesel behind.

For now the trucks will come across from their respective North American manufacturing facilities as Chevrolet gauges Chinese appetite for the American icons. Don’t be surprised if the Chinese get their own localized production should they start devouring the pair.

As parallel imports the trucks will be purchased by Chinese dealers, directly from GM North America, bypassing official import channels. This will allow the trucks to retail for at least 10-20 percent cheaper than if officially imported by SAIC-GM.