Chevrolet Removes Carbon Body Kit Option from C8

Supplier constraints have required Chevrolet to stop offering the carbon-fiber splitter and side skirts on the C8 Corvette.

The news was first reported by CorvetteBlogger and later confirmed by Road & Track. Chevrolet has removed the option from its configurator and according to the former, some buyers have been informed that the kits they ordered will not be fitted to the Corvettes their cars.

Reports suggest, though, that since this is a supply issue, though, earlier orders will be fulfilled, Chevrolet’s supplier simply couldn’t keep up with demand.

The good news for people who ordered the option is that it is a dealer-installed accessory. That means that even if your Corvette comes without the kit, it can be installed once supplies catch up with demand.

Corvette Blogger suggests that the option won’t return to the configurator until next year.