Chevrolet Raises Awareness About the Dangers of Christmas Trees

According to data, over 20 million Americans have improperly secured their Christmas trees while driving last year. 

In response to the appalling statistic, Chevrolet engineers issued six tips for transporting trees on top of vehicles:  

  1. Dress warmly, wear gloves and bring a piece of cardboard to kneel on if you’re cutting your tree down.
  2. If you’re transporting the tree inside your vehicle, make sure to lay down a tarp to keep your car clean. If you’re transporting the tree on top of your vehicle, make sure you have cross-rails installed so you don’t damage the paint.
  3. Make sure the tree is tightly bound with netting or rope before tying it to the top of the vehicle.
  4. Place the stump end of the tree toward the front of the car to reduce aerodynamic drag and ensure a safe drive home.
  5. Lay your tree directly overtop the cross rails, loop twine over and around it and repeat to cinch it with a figure-eight motion to secure your tree tightly to the vehicle. This will help protect the tree from moving around while you drive.
  6. If possible, use secondary roads and avoid highways when driving with your tree on top of the vehicle for a safer ride home.

And if you really can’t deal with the imminent threat of Christmas danger, consider buying a fake one from Amazon, that way it’ll at least be delivered…