Chevrolet Colorado Base Price to Increase by $4,000: Report

Chevrolet will drop the Colorado Base Extended Cab for 2021, reports Cars Direct. Being the lowest available trim on the truck, that means that the base price is set to rise.

Starting at a little over $22,000, the Base Extended Cab was the cheapest way to get into a Colorado. The new cheapest offering will be the Extended Cab Work Truck, which will sell for a little over $26,000.

A spokesperson for Chevy told Cars Direct that the soon-to-be-discontinued Base Extended Cab was a slow seller. That could be due to its rarely being stocked, which meant that buyers weren’t as likely to receive dealer incentives. Incentives that could be worth as much as $4,600.

The price of the now-lowest trim Extended Cab Work Truck, has risen, too, but only be $500—one hundred of which is down to the destination fee. And for that extra money, Chevrolet updated the Colorado significantly and gave it a new look.