You Can Help Get This Lego Cadillac Built

Lego models of new cars are cool, and the company has really gone above and beyond with some of the latest kits. And that’s not just the ones you can buy, but cars like the lifesize, drivable Bugatti Chiron. What if you want a Lego kit of something a little more vintage? A classic. You build it yourself and submit it to Lego Ideas, and then you hope that enough other people see it and like it, and then maybe it’ll see production. Here’s one we like.

It’s a Lego model built brick by brick of a Cadillac Series 355. That was a range of eight-cylinder cars that the company built from 1931 through 1955. Not their biggest or most impressive model, but a fascinating car nevertheless.

While the original was available as a range of two and four-door coupes, sedans, convertibles, and even limousines, this kit idea is based on the five-passenger, four-door, town car sedan.

Adding detail to the kit, it comes with two opening doors, an opening trunk, and a removable roof that gives access to the interior, which is home to a dashboard, pedals, and rearview mirror. There’s also an accessory bench with an umbrella, hat, briefcase, and newspaper, all things that an original owner of this car would be sure to be carrying.

The creator currently has more than 2,000 votes for the project idea, which adds time for it to get the required 10,000 supporters before it goes to a Lego expert for review. Reaching that, the creator could become a Lego Ideas Designer, and the kit could see mass production. The project currently has 508 days to get the necessary results.