Camaro ZL1 Will Be Offered With Employee Discounts

A pleasant surprise for GM employees hoping to get their hands on one of the most weaponized Camaros ever.

GM Family First confirms the ZL1 is eligible for employee discounts, knocking $4,594 off the coupe’s $62,135 MSRP, while the convertible’s $68,135 MSRP sheds $5,064.

It’s somewhat strange that GM will make the new Uber Camaro eligible for employee discounts, often in the past high performance versions of the Camaro, Corvette and V-series Cadillacs were not eligible for employee discounts immediately. Compounding the curiosity, the Chevy Bolt is ineligible for employee discounts.

The difference may very well come down to production constraints, the Camaro ZL1 is still a Camaro, and while the supercharged 6.2-liter LT4 is unique, it’s not production constrained like some of the Bolt’s components which are coming across the Pacific from LG in Korea.