Cadillac’s Not Ruling Out a $120,000 EV on Upcoming Platform

There’s room at the top for Cadillac, as hints of an even more premium EV based on the new EV crossover are being planned.

After Cadillac’s surprise announcement Sunday night that it would be developing a new electric crossover, Cadillac Canada’s managing director, Hoss Hassani, revealed that it would be a volume model aimed at the heart of the premium market.

That meant, Hassani told, that the crossover revealed Sunday night would not be some $120,000 product.

When we asked at the show on Monday why he didn’t feel Cadillac belonged in that market, Hassani objected.

“That’s not to say that there isn’t room for a $120,000 vehicle,” Hassani told us.

“When a car comes out at 130,000 it’s hard for people to get excited about,” he continued, but then pointed to the highly flexible nature of the EV platform that will underpin the unnamed crossover. Phil Zaks, Cadillac’s Design Director, even revealed that certain battery trays could be left empty to make room for a footwell if that was desired.

Comparing it to an ice-tray that can be filled according to need, Cadillac has indicated that the platform could underpin any number of vehicles and not only Cadillacs. 

That suggests that there’s room for more and less expensive vehicles than this crossover, which it appears will duke it out with EV crossovers like the $74,000 Audi e-tron and the $80,000 Mercedes GLE.

The good news for the as yet unnamed electric crossover is that what you see is essentially what you get. According to Zaks, the exterior of the concept is essentially what they expect to produce.