Cadillac Wants to Send a Small Sedan Round the ‘Ring in Record Time

Cadillac’s president, Johan de Nysschen recently revealed that his company is working on a compact, four-door sedan and he’s shooting a shot across the bow of Audi and Mercedes.

The compact sedan “will certainly lap the Nurburgring faster than anyone of our competitors in that category, if they care about that,” de Nysschen told Jalopnik recently.

The car would compete with the BMW 2 Series, the Audi A3, and the Mercedes CLA. Seeing as how those are two leading enthusiast’s cars and a Mercedes, the news is good for fans of Cadillac’s sedans and its performance fans.

And with each of those cars having a performance variant—M2, RS3, and AMG CLA 45—so you don’t have to whip out your tarot cards to predict a V variant of the Cadillac in the future, too.

The revelation did come within a larger conversation about crossovers. De Nysschen recognized that Cadillac needs to be making more crossovers and SUVs to keep up with the luxury market.

Fortunately, de Nysschen continues to want to make world-beating sedans.

[source: Jalopnik]