Cadillac Spends Valentine’s Day Sending Competitors Love Notes

[Update: Are you prepared to consider the deeply disturbing concept of the sex lives of auto brands? Cause you better be. Jag and Caddy are officially flirting on Twitter]

It’s worth remembering that we live in the time the Weird Internet ™ when considering Cadillac’s latest social media gambit: sending competitors love notes on Twitter.

Sure, we may have started the month with Sunny D’s truly dark, truly inappropriate cry for help, but we’ve come full circle with these love notes. How far are we now from brands telling us that if we can’t handle them at their best, then we don’t deserve them at their worst?

Until then, we have Caddy’s amusing little notes to tide us over with their relative innocence.

Highlights include “Dear Telsa, Can we Super Cruise into your heart?” and the animalistic ode to friskiness that is “Dear Jaguar, Meow…”

The love notes appear to be pretty innocent in intention, though we’d argue that the Tesla note is a shot at Tesla’s autopilot. More central to its intentions seems to be the calling out of premium brands. No love is sent Nissan’s way, for instance. I guess we know what dating app Cadillac uses.

However you feel about all of this, it’s the next logical step in the theater of social media. It starts with a love note and it ends with a torrid love affair and a heartbreaking split. Soon we won’t even need romcoms and chocolates on Valentine’s Day, because Hershey will be falling in love with Universal on Instagram.