The C8 Corvette Will Live Its Life an 11-Second Quarter-Mile at a Time

We know how quick the C8 Corvette will be from 0-60 mph. Sort of. Now there’s a leak as to how quickly the new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette can run in the quarter-mile. Guess what? It’s fast.

It comes from A poster there says that they were able to get their eyes (and their camera phone) on a spec sheet during the Corvettes at Carlisle event. The PA auto show is probably the biggest Corvette show in the world.

More than 5,000 Corvettes of every shape and engine location show up for the four-day event. Which means that, of course, some Chevrolet people are there with some info trying to sell C8s.

So how quick is it? Well, the docs show a 2LT trim (490hp, not the 495 hp really fast one) at 11.3 seconds through the quarter-mile at 121 mph. That’s after hitting 100 mph in 7.6 seconds and it can keep going all the way to 193 mph.

Anything else fun? How about 0.9 g in the turns, or a full g for the Z51. And dry braking of 60 mph to zero in just under 109 ft for the Z51. What about a curb weight as little as 3,535 lbs for the LT2 coupe.

What’s next? Well, finally driving the car. And then the Z06 and ZR1 rumor mill will start up. Really? It’s already started? Well dang.