Buick Takes the Cake in JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study

The best mass market brand in this year’s JD Power Vehicle Dependability Ranking for the third time in four years.

The brand only had 116 reported problems per 100 vehicles sold, which ten fewer than last year and which puts it in third among all brands in the study, behind only Lexus (duh) and Porsche.

And Buick wasn’t just the best of a bad group. For the first time since 2013 the whole industry improved in vehicle dependability. The average for the year was 142 problems per 100 vehicles sold.

Chevrolet came in sixth overall, with just 124 problems per 100 vehicles reported. Its SUVs were among the most dependable, too, with top marks in the midsize and compact SUV segments, thanks to the Equinox and the Traverse.

Ford and Dodge, meanwhile, failed to match the industry standard with 152 and 166 reported problems, respectively.

Chrysler (211), Fiat (192), and Jeep (188) were among the worst of the worst, though, taking up three of the bottom four spots on the list. Land Rover (204) was the other brand in the bottom four.

It wasn’t all good news for GM, though, as Cadillac was ranked near the bottom, too, as owners reported 186 problems per 100 vehicles sold. GMC, too, could not match the industry average with 156.

Overall, though, the news is good for mass market brands, which continue to shrink the gap in dependability to luxury manufacturers.

Although luxury brands take up the two highest spots on the list, Buick, Chevrolet, Kia, Hyundai, and Toyota are all in the top 10.

One of the reasons for this might be simpler infotainment, since JD Power reports that technology is the most problematic area for vehicle dependability, receiving the highest frequency of complaints.