The Bastard Child of a C2 and C6 is Actually …Not Bad?

Earlier this week, we showed you the lovechild of a 1960s Cadillac and a 1990s Mercedes-Benz. And the result was a monstrosity the likes of which we haven’t seen in a long time. Today, it’s the combination of a C2 Corvette and a C6. The result is something we wouldn’t mind seeing in our driveways at all.

Making a new car look like an old one is nothing new, but rarely does it ever turn out to be anything that doesn’t give us the same reaction as opening the titular Lost Ark in Raiders. This one may have achieved the impossible.

The conversion is done by Classic Reflection Coachworks, located in Washington state. The replacement bodywork is made from carbon fiber instead of the original fiberglass, and if they’re going to the expense of carbon (one of these conversions brand new starts north of $165,000), then it makes sense that they’ve found someone who has an eye for design as well.

It’s designed to use factory hardware, hinges, wiring, and other components, with the only changes being the new panels applied. This is clearly not original, but, especially with the top down, it just looks right. The bumpers are right, this one has the stinger scoop hood, and, thank goodness, it has pop-up headlights.

Despite the 427 hood badge, this one is a standard 6.2L LS3, making 430 hp. It has magnetic ride control along with the six-speed automatic, and according to the listing it was originally yellow. While most of the interior is standard C6, the vintage brake pedal gives it a more classic look when you’re getting in.

We have no idea how this one made it to a BMW dealer in Newport Beach, but it’s definitely a cool ride. We’ll just keep staring at it for a bit since we’re not supposed to go anywhere at the moment.