Are AWD Muscle Cars Sacrilegious: Yay or Nay?

Yesterday, FCA shocked us all when it was announced they would build a Nissan GT-R.

Before the end of 2016 Dodge will introduce the Challenger GT AWD, a car that was actually teased back at SEMA 2015, which will be joined by a 707-hp Hellcat all-wheel drive Challenger, complete with a widebody.

At this point we begin to wonder if AWD might simply become a necessity in the muscle car category. With horsepower numbers increasingly increasing as the big-three incessantly one up one another, seeking speed and sales–something has got to give.

Already the big, beefy Hellcat will simply assassinate its tires in the pursuit of traction, and aside from the Americans, we’ve already seen the rest of the world explore the formula.

But will Americans tolerate the move away from tail happy lead sleds, what say you?