ATS-V Price Rises, Carbon Fiber Becomes Standard

Even though the ATS-V is being fazed out, the price is still rising by about $4,000 for 2019.

That’s according to CarsDirect who report that an ATS-V Coupe will run you a little less than $69,000 next year. But Cadillac hasn’t taken leave of its senses.

The price increase comes as the Carbon Fiber Package becomes a standard feature. That feature, you’ll no doubt recall, is a $5,000 option, so you’re getting better value, just at a higher price.

For the extra scratch, you get a carbon fiber front splitter, rear diffusor, and hood vents, as well as an upgraded rear spoiler and composite side skirts.

Still making use of Cadillac’s 465 hp, 445 lb-ft twin-turbo V6, and a six-speed manual transmission, sending power to the back wheels.

It’s good for a sixty sprint of just 3.7 seconds and 190 mph, and what are we doing reading this let’s all go out and buy ATS0-Vs before they’re gone!