Another Dealer Gets Retro Badging to go with Retro Truck Paint Jobs

You might have seen the latest retro idea that’s come to Chevrolet and GMC dealers. Take a new Silverado or Sierra and give it a 1970s-style paint job. Two-tone or three-tone, with accent pinstripes. Oh, yes.

We love it, even if it doesn’t quite always work. One Chevrolet GMC dealer in rural Canada is taking the retro idea one step further.

Bruce GM in Middleton, Nova Scotia has gone beyond the retro paint scheme with brown and taupes not seen in 30 years. They’ve gotten retro dealer stickers too, because the modern stickers just don’t quite look right on a vintage-style paint job.

First up is the straight out of 1975 Scottsdale trim fender badge, but those are available from any good restoration shop. Check out the tailgate for the coolest bit. Classic dealership stickers. Back to the days of Chev-Olds dealers for cool dealer badges in 1970s and 1980s style that look at home with the cool retro paint. One of them even gets an honest to goodness badge, not just a sticker. When was the last time you saw one of those?

Next up, somebody needs to make an 8-Track player that’s actually a phone dock and fits in your dash. Or a CB app? Either way, enjoy these classic looking modern trucks. And the details that go with them.