Analyst Calls for GM to Make Corvette a Brand, Add EV Crossover

It’s not surprising following Ford’s placing of the Mustang name on an electric crossover, but a market analyst says it’s time for Chevrolet to do the same and turn the Corvette into a brand of its own.

“It’s time to look at the potential of GM’s supercar brand, Corvette,” Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas wrote in a note to clients Tuesday, Autoblog reports. “Historically the thought of GM expanding Corvette into anything beyond its single-model status would have been brand heresy. But times are changing in global autos.”

The report says Jonas thinks a Corvette sub-brand could be worth $7 to $12 billion, with the mid-engined C8 as the heart, but a new electric Corvette crossover turning sales the sports car could never manage. Of course, they could then add a range-topping supercar, and possibly some other models to round-out the new sub-brand.

“In essence, we think the Corvette brand is undervalued and under-appreciated by the market,” said Jonas, who puts a $2 billion valuation on Corvette as it sits now.

In a world where coupes have four doors, every crossover has a model badged as a coupe, and the Mustang crossover exists, it certainly seems possible for GM to do something like this. On the other hand, they also have no shortage of other valuable brands that could use a charge.