RIP Wedgeboyz: All I Want For Christmas is This…

It’s a C6 Corvette platform fused with the body of a Buick Roadmaster. 

Allegedly, the project is being built for a client in the UK for time attack purposes. Little is known about the build aside from the few pictures posted to Facebook yesterday, however, it’s a well-known fact that the Buick Roadmaster’s sheet metal is extremely aerodynamic. 

It’s unclear if the Roadmaster’s accepting engine bay will house the C6’s stock LS3, something more exotic like the Z06’s LS7, or even more rarefied, the ZR1’s LS9. Another question mark surrounds the car’s suspension, will it retain the Corvette’s transverse leaf spring suspension, or swap to a more conventional coilover setup?

Regardless, I hope the internet continues to inform us of the car’s progress, keep six for the river of salty tears it will inevitably leave in its wake.