Is Al Capone’s Bulletproof Cadillac Untouchable at $1 Million?

A bulletproof Cadillac used by infamous mob boss Al Capone is up for sale, though if you’re planning on using it to smuggle whiskey out of Canada, you’ll probably want to have the glass checked out before Kevin Costner and the IRS catch up with you.

It’s a 1928 Series 341-A sporting the 341 cubic inch V8 that put out an impressive for the time but not so much now 90 hp. The seller, Celebrity Cars of Las Vegas, gives the history of the vehicle, which they say is documented back to 1932.

The first documented sale they have is from 1933, when it was sold by a traveling carnival worker who wanted to display the car to make money in the offseason. It was purchased by Harry LaBreque, who had it shipped to England, where it was on display at the Southend-on-Sea amusement park and the Blackpool Fun Fair.

In 1958, it was sent to Ontario, where it was fully restored. Most of the vehicle’s armor plating was removed, but the bulletproof glass remained in place. That owner sold it to the Niagara Falls Antique Auto Museum, and it was sold again in 1971 and displayed in the same Ontario city. In 1979, the original glass was replaced with identical pieces.

It’s said that the car, which is supposedly the oldest surviving bulletproof vehicle, was traced back to Capone through a license plate that was left on the car in the 1930s. It slid under the radar of the Feds because it was hidden in a Chicago garage owned by known mafia associate and Cadillac dealer Emil Denemark.

In 2008, Richard “Cappy” Capstran told a friend he had helped build the car as a boy, where the 3,000 lbs of armor plating were added at his father’s shop for Capone. It’s also fitted with a rear window rigged to drop for rear-facing shooters and raising the glass above the standard height reveals gun port openings in the glass. Capstran confirmed this to be the car he and his father worked on.

It’s on offer for a cool million, and you’d best make sure that income was reported.