Does This $500,000 Corvette Yenko Your Chain?

If you want this 800 hp Yenko Corvette Grand Sport, you’re going to need a supercharger to stuff enough cash into a briefcase to meet the asking price. Fortunately, it has one.

The 2017 Yenko/SC Corvette Grand Sport offers a blown 6.8L LT-1 that makes 800 hp and 750 lb-ft of torque. And if you ever forget how much power it makes, there are badges on just about every surface of the car to help remind you. This one, at a dealer in Georgia, is listed for nearly 10 times the average price of a similar non-Yenko Grand Sport. Yup, that’s $499,900. Just a hair under $500,000 for this limited run car.

Why the huge price? After all, the Yenko package only added $51,185 to the $66,000 or so the car cost when it was new.

Take a closer look at that Yenko badge under the ventilation controls. This car is the first one. Of the 50 Yenko Grand Sports for 2017, this one is number one. And there can be only one number one.

We all know that having the first car is a big deal. Just watch any of the major TV auctions and see what happens when multiple bidders want the very first of an important car. But is this Yenko important enough to bring in half a million dollars? Well, it was listed for even more. And sure, the 755 hp ZR-1 starts from just $121,000, but unlike this Yenko, you can’t drive down and pick up one of those today.

[source: Autotrader]