Sorry Boys and Girls, the Buick Avista is All But Officially Dead

Unfortunately, the project just doesn’t square with the Chinese cash cow.

We had a feeling when the Blue Avista ran off to China just prior to the 2016 New York Auto Show, the purpose of its endeavor was to evaluate Chinese reaction and sales potential of the personal luxury coupe.


Sadly for fans of the beautiful Buick, the Chinese like to be chauffeured. One Buick official told me the Chinese appreciated the Avista’s classic, yet cutting edge design language, but what they really wanted was Avista, with two more doors, a higher ride height and more trunk space. Essentially what they want is a Buick Envision.

And with the Envision on pace to clip 200,000 sales in the People’s Republic before year’s end, is it really a surprise the coupe just couldn’t make the business case? Especially when factoring in the mildly moderate sales performance of Alpha platformed cars here in North America.


Now, no one at Buick would officially confirm the Avista wouldn’t make serial production, but when poked and prodded they spoke about Avista with a forlorn and far away tone.

Back in July, Buick’s brand communications manager, Stuart Fowle told us “Avista was a project that brought Buick designers together and created a strong sense of community, teamwork, and future design direction.”

Look, it’s not as if Buick doesn’t want to build the Avista, it’s just that the brand needs to continue building smash hit core products before it can get to a point where it can afford to take more risks.

If it’s any consolation, the Avista’s face will influence the next wave of new Buick products, and feature especially in an as yet to be announced project.

Oh and the Camaro team were definitely big, er, fans