Chevy Offering $2,000 in Conquest Cash to Current Ford Mustang Owners

For months now we’ve documented the confusing case of catatonic 6th generation Camaro sales; finally, someone at Chevy has turned on the incentive fire hose.

This month, the General is offering a $2,000 cash conquest bonus to current Ford Mustang owners in an attempt to induce a brand swap.

Since September 1, Chevrolet has been offering the cash bonus on all 2016 Camaros, applicable to purchase or lease. 2017 models are not eligible, however, Chevy did cut MSRP across the model range earlier this month, effective immediately.

Chevy isn’t even asking owners to turn in the keys to their Mustangs, in fact, the offer is open to anyone who resides in a household where Ford’s pony car is present—the best part is, prospective buyers can combine the conquest cash with Chevrolet’s other incentives or finance deals.

The program is set to run through Friday, September 1st 2016.