2021 Tahoe Starts for $1k More than 2020

Chevrolet has priced the all-new 2021 Tahoe SUV, and while it’s not much of a surprise that the price has gone up, it hasn’t gone up by that much. Especially considering what you get. And for buyers of the Premier trim, there’s good news. That one comes in at a Benjamin cheaper than before.

The new Tahoe will start in LS form for $50,295, Automotive News reports. That’s $1,000 more than the 2020, but it will come with the much larger interior, 10-inches more third-row legroom, independent rear suspension, and a 10-speed automatic. Tahoe LT rings in at$55,095, that’s $800 more than the 2020. Step up to top-dog Tahoe and you’re looking at $63,895, or $100 cheaper than before.

That doesn’t include the biggest addition to the new Tahoe, that 3.0L inline-six diesel. Pricing for that one isn’t available just yet, but expect it to be somewhere in the $5,000 range like it is on the Silverado pickup. Pricing for the 2021 Suburban is also not yet available, but AN says that Chevrolet expects it to be about $2,700 more than a comparable Tahoe model, which is a bit more of a gap than the $1,800 between a current ‘Burb and Tahoe. Production of the new SUVs is expected to start in the spring with deliveries to follow.