The 1LE is Great, but Why not Buy a 1,000 HP Yenko Instead?

The days of factory special Yenko Camaros might be over, but the Yenko name is alive and well and gracing the flanks of this 1,000 hp Camaro.

Specialty Vehicle Engineering has been building fast Camaros and Firebirds since 1987. You might remember them as SLP, the company that sold faster F-bodies as factory options.

Now they offer fully-built supercharged Camaros as well as Sierras, Silverados, and full-size SUVs. The latest is this 1,000 hp Yenko/SC Supercharged Stage II Camaro.

It starts with a Camaro SS 1LE and adds a custom built LT-1 engine that has been opened up to 6.8L. It has a forged crank and rods with aluminum pistons. The cylinder heads have been ported and the fuel system has been upsized to feed the massive power output.

Oh yeah, the most important part. A supercharger that huffs enough air to boost the Yenko/SC to 1,000 hp and 875 lb-ft of torque. That’s 200 hp more than last year’s piddling 800 hp Yenko.

Keeping that power in check are Michelin PS42 tires in 295/30 front, 305/30 rear, on five-spoke 20-inch black wheels.

Using the 1LE as a base means Magnetic Ride Control, limited-slip rear differential, and a suspension that can cope with all that power. It also has the 1LE’s uprated cooling system.

If 1,000 HP is what you’re looking for in your Camaro, SVE can help. And the Yenko/SC is available from GM dealers throughout the US and Canada.

[source: GM Authority]