The Dream Buick Lineup
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2009 Buick Wildcat Gran Sport
Wildcat Gran Sport


ntroducing the Buick Wildcat Gran Sport: the ultimate expression of Buick's renaissance and the ''Halo'' vehicle of the Buick lineup. Coming in at around $58-62k, the powerful and luxurious V8 Gran Sport takes cues from Buick's past, most noticeably in it's unmistakable Riviera boat tail liftback rear end. The Gran Sport is a styling stunner, oozing style and class with it's beautiful pilarless construction, Velite styling, and T-Top roof. Truly the pinnacle of style and luxury in the Buick lineup, the Gran Sport, like the Corvette, offers value for the money, keeping company with exotics and luxury coupes much higher in price. The Gran Sport will be a real perception shatter, bringing a competitive dose of American style and luxury to the segment and spreading the positive new image across the entire lineup.

Specifications Sheet

Base Platform: GM Y-Body
Drive Wheels: RWD
Engines: 4.4L Supercharged Northstar V8 w/425 hp
Transmissions: 6 speed automatic