I'am from Montreal (Cda). I have an certain interest for the Pontiac G-8.Here's some facts and infos that i gathered.
Available in U.S. in 2008 and 2009. Total sales for those 2 years: 38,159 units. Available in Cda only in 2009. No data sales found for Cda. GM stopped production in July 2009. Base model with V6- 3.6 L and GT model with V-8- 6 L were available in Cda. Those car have 5 speed auto. trans, on the 3.6 L and a 6 speed on the 6 L.
From what i saw on different sites (espescially on G8 Forum) and car reviews (Ex: Edmunds), both base and GT models have the same suspension -springs and struths and most probalbly otther parts as control arms, ball joints...etc. But G8 had (or still have???) problems with control arms. Many owners said that they had to change 3 times both lower and upper control arms. GM never make a recall. Just an bulletin memo with such explanation of cold weather...etc... We can see clearly on YOU TUBE those noisy defective parts. Question: are this problem for those defective parts has been solved? Because every time you go to dealer and they changes those control arms with the same part(codes) who will be eventualy defective (bad conception-rubber booth to soft ot thin..), this,of course, is not a solution. Also , i must say that all those complaints or reviews are back in 2008, 2009 and some in early 2010.We are almost in 2013. Did someone know if GM brought new part or a modification since then to solve the control arm problem? Lets say that there's a total of 45,000 of G8 at this day in Cda and U.S, they must be a solution found at one point. Maby there's already an answer to question somehere in a forum, but i didnt found nothing yet. As i stated previously, all i did found date back to years 08,09 and early 10.
Thx in advance for any interest or comments regarding my questions- Best regards JML