Hello everyone. I searched around and really coulnd't find an exact answer to my question, so I figured I'd stop lurking and actually join and ask. I'm in the process of installing a revised (Dorman) EGR stovepipe in the LIM on my 1998 LeSabre Custom. The old stovepipe was pressed fit in there pretty good and I had to yank it out with visegrips. However, the new stovepipe fits, but does not fit as tight as the old one. I'm afraid to try to hammer it down because it seems there's a lip in the hole on the manifold where the stovepipe is supposed to bottom out. Also, I think I remember reading somewhere that the stovepipe base is supposed to be slightly lower than the manifold surface. However, if I push it down as far as it will go, where it contacts the lip on the inside of the hole, the base of the stovepipe is still sitting slightly above the manifold surface. Basically, my questions is, is all this ok or am I missing something? The Dorman UIM didn't come with any instructions other than what to do with the PCV vavle. (Does any of the above make sense? Sorry if it seems non-sensical). Thanks in advance.