Autoextremist: The AE Authenticity in Management Meter.

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Thread: Autoextremist: The AE Authenticity in Management Meter.

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    Autoextremist: The AE Authenticity in Management Meter.

    Here DeLorenzo's AE rant of the week

    The AE Authenticity in Management Meter.
    DateTuesday, May 21, 2013 at 03:13PM

    By Peter M. De Lorenzo

    Detroit. A little over a month ago I wrote a column entitled “The Penalty of (bad) Leadership,” in which I revisited perhaps the greatest piece of ad copy of all time, written by Theodore F. MacManus back in 1915. The print ad only ran once and it never mentioned Cadillac or its competitors, but it brilliantly expressed what it means to be a leader and the heavy burden that comes with leadership.

    I then went on to portray GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson as someone who is utterly devoid of leadership skills, saying that “applying the term ‘leader’ to Akerson is an insult to those who have come before him in this business and who have excelled in the role and others who are leading in their respective professions now. Devoid of even a shred of relevant experience, Akerson careens around making knee-jerk and just flat-out bad decisions with a hubris that’s simply awe-inspiring in its desultory maliciousness, in effect employing leadership of the worst kind: By gunpoint.”

    Why am I bringing this up again? Well, it seems that Mr. Akerson was selected by the Mendoza School of Business at the University of Notre Dame to deliver its commencement address last week. Now, either the ND School of Business ran out of ideas, or it's more likely they figured that GM would be a good candidate for a corporate donation or three, it's because the lovable “Captain Queeg” dispensing leadership advice would be akin to me debating the pros and cons of Traditional English Cottage Gardens vs. Victorian-themed Gardens. As in, huh?

    But that didn’t deter Akerson, oh no, because in his remarks he mentioned “authentic” leadership and how it’s the greatest need in the world where they will work and live. Ahem, really, Dan?

    I love that word authentic. It’s a good word, a heroic word, even. And we’re seeing it being used more and more for delineating not only what’s real, but what’s true blue and good. The pursuit of authenticity is something worthwhile in this graceless age we live in. And it’s applicable for everything from a creative idea to the way a person – or a company – carries oneself.

    I’ll come back to this in a moment.

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    Re: Autoextremist: The AE Authenticity in Management Meter.

    Him an Alan Mually should just get a room.....ewwww, I had an image in my head......

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    Re: Autoextremist: The AE Authenticity in Management Meter.

    I like the cars I'm seeing from general motors and at least the stock price is at or above the ipo

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    Re: Autoextremist: The AE Authenticity in Management Meter.

    "Leader" and "Leadership" are two of the most-overused, and dare I say sexually-abused, words currently running loose on the grand prarie of the American lexicon.

    Perhaps they're second only to "hero," a term generously applied to every ridiculous movie star, athlete, and 15-minutes-of-fame nothing-nobody whose face pops up on the Boob Toob like Punxsutawny Phil on Groundhog Day.

    From what I've read of 2LT Dan, leadership is NOT what he's all about. Unless "leadership" includes raising your hand in class.
    But lacking a quality has never limited the self-adoring from holding forth endlessly and hilariously about that quality. Narcissism overrules reason in those cases.

    While MCGARRETT mentions Ford CEO Mulally, I seriously doubt Alan's interested in a rendezvous with extremist. And I don't take extremist's mentioning him in a leadership article as out of line, since what I've read of Mulally indicates he successfully shifted the culture--i.e. led in the best sense of the word--at Ford the same way he did so at the dysfunctional Boeing division he headed years back.

    Brains, spine, direction, and dedication to the mission combined to shake the fiefdoms at Ford loose from their suicidal perches.

    The rules were made known, and when a couple of uber-powerfuls with very close connections to Bill Ford "retired to spend more time with their families" despite their arrogance and perceived invulnerability, the rest of the herd figured things out and--to repeat a naval expression that Coke Can has undoubtedly used numerous times--came about.

    Good column.
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    Re: Autoextremist: The AE Authenticity in Management Meter.

    Hmm, so after 21 years in auto advertising, he is now the authority on leadership in business. Obviously, the Mendoza School of Business at Notre Dame, which is one of the top ranked business schools in the nation for undergrads, has no idea what they are doing getting a "terrible leader" like Dan Akerson.

    GM is doing well and Akerson volunteered when No One Else wanted the job.

    I have more faith in Akersons leadership and the Mendoza school of business in this matter than what grumpy PDL has to say.
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