XTra! XTra! Read All About it Cadillac Goes on a Trademarking Spree

Cadillac is getting its ducks in a row, calling dibs on a number names it may someday seek to use. These include the names CT2 through CT8, and XT2 through XT8.

All trademarks were filed on August and the volume of names suggest, while Cadillac may hope to use the names, it won’t necessarily use them all.

Instead, it looks like Cadillac reserving the right use the names, which align with present naming conventions.

This is a trick that many automakers use to ensure that they have access to names should they choose to use them. BMW, for instance, trademarked the names i1 through i9 back in 2010, even though it only has only used i3 and i8 so far.

So far, Cadillac has the XT4, XT5, and the CT6 and we’ve seen spy pictures of a CT5 and heard rumours of a CT4 on the way.

This round of trademark applications suggests that Cadillac is confident in this naming scheme and will continue on this tack.

With these names, Cadillac could produce any number of crossovers and sedans from compact to full size, and name them all according to the CT and XT convention.