Watch Hennessey’s Chevrolet SS on the Dyno

Normally, dyno videos get posted because the numbers at the end of them are surprisingly large or the car on the rig is surprisingly humble. But this isn’t that. This is just about being sad.

The video was posted by Hennessey, so you could be forgiven for assuming the car will produce 1,000 hp (Hennessey’s favorite number), but it doesn’t. It makes a reasonably impressive, but not internetly impressive 584 hp and 515 lb-ft of torque at the wheels.

Really, what this video reminds us of is the fact sometimes things just don’t work out. A good car, with a good engine, that we should have loved—collectively—as a nation, just didn’t catch on. And now it’s gone. And we miss it. We miss it more than John Waite misses you. We miss it in a way that only a power ballad can express. And our attempts to be okay are more transparent than his attempts to convince you that he doesn’t miss you.

But we take solace. Solace in the fact that the less-than-ridiculous horsepower figure suggests that this SS is being driven. Driven by someone who loves it and who wants it to be usable on the road. So maybe that’s what will help us deal with this “heartbreak overload.”