Watch: Celebrating the Oldest Nameplate in Motoring’s 85th Anniversary

The Suburban turns 85 in a few months and that’s a helpful reminder that it has been around for longer than any other model in automotive history.

To celebrate that fact, Chevrolet has released a number of images of the car’s history as well as a short video you can see below.

“While the world has changed significantly, the Suburban is just as relevant today as it was in 1935,” says Chevrolet marketing vice president Paul Edwards. “Suburban created the sport utility vehicle—offering an unprecedented combination of passenger comfort and cargo capacity. That has earned Suburban the trust of a wide range of people—from families to law enforcement, and even a starring role in pop culture.”

Although technology and standards have improved over the years, the essential recipe has been the same since day one. Put a wagony body on top of a truck chassis and sell it to people.

It’s a recipe that was as appealing in 1992 as it was in 1935, as this video from Motorweek, also celebrating the model’s history, proves.

Having spent hours on trips to Vermont in the back of an eighth-generation Suburban, I can personally attest to the Suburban’s utility as more than just transportation, but as a living room, too.

Surrounded by acres of crushed red velour, my friends and I would plug in a tiny CRT TV into the Suburban through shady adapters and play N64 or, on one particularly grey, depressing, and torturous afternoon, discover the depths of Irish unhappiness while watching Angela’s Ashes.

It’s all a delightful reminder that the Suburban has lasted 85 years not because of some legendary tall tale or some celebrity endorsement, but instead because it works.