Trans Am Super Duty 455: 1,000 HP at the Wheels

This Trans Am is really a Camaro, but it’s going Demon hunting if the manufacturer has anything to say about it.

Trans Am Worldwide is doing the Lord’s work, creating the Screaming Chickens that General Motors decided would never be made. Not content with just Bandit-style bodywork, Trans Am makes these Chickens fly.

Trans Am’s Super Duty already packs 455 cubic inches. That’s 7.5L of V8 power. Thanks to a Magnusson supercharger, the car makes 1,000 hp. But that’s not enough. The company wanted a drag racing version that could put out 1,000 hp at the rear wheels.

Turns out it wasn’t that difficult for them. Race gas and methanol injection – combined with more boost – is all it takes to bump the 7.5L V8 to 1,100 hp. The 455 Super Duty Racing could make more, but the eight-speed automatic couldn’t handle it. The company already has to beef up the gearbox to handle current power levels.

This is a drag racer, one that is capable of eight-second quarter miles. So it gets a stronger rear diff, Eibach springs, drag radials, and a roll cage. Oh yeah, and a parachute hidden behind the rear plate.

If you want one, get on the list. The company says the list is already over nine months long.

[source: Motor Trend]