How Tommy Milner Went From Sim Racer to Le Mans Winner

Not many people know this, but Corvette Racing’s Tommy Milner didn’t start his racing career in karts…

Growing up in Washington, D.C, Milner’s love for racing began blossoming as a 12-year-old kid searching out sim racing mods on the internet using his handle “Turbo Tom”, two years before he would even begin competitive karting.

In the internet’s early days, Milner fell in with a forum made up of amateur developers who were modifying existing racing games to create their own cars, tracks, and interfaces; while young Tommy would often volunteer to test out their modifications and relay feedback.

No one knew it then, but those developers would go on to create Project Cars, while “Turbo Tom” would go on to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans–twice.

Today, the relationship continues much the same as it always was, Milner lending his now extensive track experience to assist the development team at Slightly Mad Studios in their goal of making Project Cars 2 the most extensive and immersive racing game ever…