The Corvette Z06 Station Wagon is Totally Legitimate

Remember the “AeroWagen” Corvette concept Callaway built back in 2013? Well now it’s back and heading to production!

Callaway is saying it will begin converting Corvettes into sporty Shooting Brakes later this year– with the first batch slotted for delivery in Q4 2016.

The conversion process sees Callaway add a one-piece carbon fiber wagon roof and hatch; which the company says is totally reversible.

It uses the stock Corvette trunk hinge meaning it keeps the same factory cargo opening albeit with an increase in cargo capacity; the targa top remains totally functional.

Additionally Callaway claims their design offers better aerodynamic efficiency than stock.

It’s not just Z06 Corvettes that Callaway will convert either, they’ll take any derivative of the C7 Corvette Coupe so long as you bring the $15,000 for conversion costs and have a couple hours to wait.