The No.1 Camaro Live From Woodward

Our man Craig Cole snapped a few detail shots of the No.1 Camaro hanging around the Woodward Dream Cruise.

For those of you who don’t know, #10001 was the very first Camaro assembled as part of the Pilot Project Program out of GM’s Norwood assembly facility.

The program was an engineering study on the assembly processes Chevy would eventually use for proper serialized production. Luckily, the No.1 Camaro is one of the best documented Pilot Project cars still in existence.

Fleet  &  Special Order  5 – 10

Sales – Convention Detroit

Model – 12337

Body Style – Sport Coupe

Serial # 12337

Fisher  # DD01D

Paint # 900GG Granada Gold – Show Paint Required

Trim # 709AB Gold


Standard  –  L/6 230 cu. in. Engine

Standard  –  3 Speed Transmission

P01AA  –  Wheel Discs

P58AA  –  7 : 35 – 14 – 4 W/Wall Tires  (Firestone)

U63AA  –  Push Button Radio

                   Front Antenna

                   110 Volt Wiring

A39AH  –  Deluxe Seat Belts

Fisher Pilot Plant # 21  –  Detroit

Fisher Promise Delivered To Chevrolet  –  5/21

Vehicle Required At Destination  –  8/1

Destination  –  6030 Cass Ave.

                            Detroit, Michigan

                            Attention: D. Reeves

Final Destination  –  Kansas City, Missouri