Taylor Brothers to Drive SprintX Cadillacs With Some Other Guys at VIR

Cadillac Racing will wait until the last possible moment to decide on driver pairings for this weekend’s opening round of the Pirelli World Challenge SprintX season at Virginia International Raceway.

Fresh from their three-for-three start to the IMSA season Taylor brothers Ricky and Jordan will join series regulars Johnny O’Connell and Michael Cooper in the Pratt & Miller-run factory squad’s ATS-V.Rs during the PWC’s smaller five-round championship. SprintX races better represent World Challenge’s status as an SRO-homologated series and better mirrors European GT3 racing with tire changes and mandatory driver swaps.

However, the Wayne Taylor Racing aces won’t share a car–O’Connell will stay in his Velocity Red No.3 while Cooper keeps his Vector Blue No.8– the decision won’t come until just before the first of two races on Saturday, as the team figures out which brother fits better where through practice and qualifying.

Seemingly, the solution is simple.

Jordan’s red helmet means he pairs with Johnny, while Ricky’s bucket is blue so he should run with Cooper.

Then again, if the brothers were swapped Cadillac would have a chic red/blue contrast going on.

See, simple.